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Andromeda. 2021







Single channel projection looped. 8mm, 16mm and digital. 

A short film created in response to two of my friends' experiences of working within the fashion 

industry. One working as a model when she was 17 and the other currently working as a photographer 

and model test assistant.

In mythology, Andromeda is the beautiful daughter of a King and Queen. The King and Queen offended the sea nymphs in boasting that Andromeda was more beautiful than they, in revenge Posiedon sent a sea monster to devastate the King and Queen's kingdom. Since only Andromeda's sacrifice would appease the angry God, she was chained to a rock and left to be devoured by the monster. Perseus, flew by on his winged horse and upon seeing Andromeda tied there, fell in love with her and 

subsequently slew the monster.

Andromeda is also the name given to the nearest galaxy to that of our own. It is theorised by many 

that one day far from now Andromeda and the Milky way are scheduled to collide with one another, with Andromeda possibly destroying the Milky way upon doing so. 

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