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Keskorra. 2021/2023

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Stills from film

Curated by Kei Langley the project was centred around collaborative installation and exploration of the Cornish landscape. Keskorra means ‘to assemble’ in Kernowek (the Cornish Language). In this specific context it depicts assembling objects of art and intrigue and to socially gather, creating an assembly of people. The aim was to create an honest representation of local artists' relationship to where they live and celebrate the wonder of non verbal communication and collective memory when inhabiting the same space.


This final event for Kei's event took place at Porthmeor studios in St.Ives in which a film made by myself was displayed on loop as well as a series of photos shot by Alice Cooke. The film documented the pilgrimage to each place and the use of play between object person and space. Focusing rather on the shared experience between the artists than the individual creative outcomes.


List of the Artists involved in Keskorra

Anna Harris

Liza Dickson

Katie Platts

Olivia Brelsford-Massey


Amy Lawrence​

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